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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Free Giveaway! Happy Birthday Marcelle!

Today is photographer Marcelle Calder's birthday, and in honor of it she's doing a give-away! She has some pretty fun prizes, and the details are given on her photography blog http://marcellecalder.blogspot.com so be sure to check it out! It ends tonight, so sooner is better than later, and now is best :)

And even if you're not too interested in getting free stuff, you should check it out anyway because she's awesome! I heard about her like 8 months ago through her brother Morgan, who was in my ward at the time. She's super nice and great to work with! She did a fun little photo shoot with me and Trevor at the Provo Library back before we were even engaged, so look through her portfolio and find us! That photo shoot was part of the reason I wanted to have our wedding reception at the Provo Library. It's just such a cool building.

Anyway, be sure to check it out today! And happy happy birthday Marcelle!

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