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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Friday, September 9, 2011

Clumsy Me

Remember those awkward teenage years? Some of us remember them more awkwardly than others...me being the case in point. Whoever said dancers were graceful clearly hasn't met me! At least I was always good at laughing at myself :) I found this article I wrote for a family newsletter in the end of 2004 (I was 16), and thought it was worth a post.

It's in dire need of some editing...but I didn't want to change it too much from how I originally wrote it. I apologize in advance for my terrible sentence structure, heavy overuse of the word "cuz", and all my other annoying writing quirks and flaws!

"This school year I keep having these majorly stupid moments. I can’t believe it. I usually run into doorknobs and stuff but now I just keep accidentally doing all this stupid stuff. It started with running into the child protection gate and getting this huge bruise on my hip. I’ve done that sooooo many times since then too. Then I was running up the stairs for whatever reason and we have this gate that goes on like the fourth step to keep Peter from going upstairs and I definitely saw the gate cuz I remember thinking it was kinda pointless to have it up since he was asleep. So anyways I start running up the stairs and I’m staring right at the gate and it’s like I forgot to stop and climb over it or something, I just keep on running and then all of the sudden I hit it. Surprise surprise. I was in mid step and one leg hit it and the rest of me got thrown over the gate like a hurdle. I guess when I landed I slid down the gate cuz I ended up with a great big bruise all down my shin and my ankle. That was in September and I still have a lump on my left shin.

Then before Spanish lab I was standing in the hall with the rest of my class waiting to go into the classroom. Someone came up behind me and was like “Hi Karin!” so I turned around to say hi, but I forgot that I was wearing a backpack and it hit the bulletin board on the wall behind me and fell on the floor and all the papers and pushpins and everything went flying off. My whole class turned and stared at me and I just kinda like heh heh, oops.

Then I tried to change a light bulb but I dropped it and it hit me on the head.

I was on a hike a few weeks later and a bunch of people were stretching and stuff and trying to touch their toes. I was like oh I can do that and bent down but I forgot I was wearing a backpack and it flipped off my back, hit me in the head, and fell on the ground. Then I kinda wished I hadn’t said anything cuz everyone was looking at me.

Later after the hike I got a cup of hot chocolate and didn’t have time to drink it before I got in someone’s van to get driven to somewhere else with 10 other teens to be driven home by another someone else. I asked the driver if it was ok to bring hot chocolate in his van. He said yeah as long as I didn’t spill it. I figured there’d be cup holders in it and I would probably finish it before long so I was like oh I won’t spill. Just my luck, there weren’t cup holders. Who makes a van without cup holders anyways?! The drive was really bumpy so I couldn’t drink it or I’d spill all over. It was like 3 in the morning cuz it was an overnight hike and I was sooooooo tired, so I just sat there fighting to stay awake and not spill my hot chocolate. The ride was way longer than I thought and right before we got to wherever we were going I dosed off just long enough to pour my entire cup of hot chocolate out in my lap. It looked like I wet my pants really bad except it was brown. I’m kinda glad that I was too tired to remember who else was in the van. Hopefully they were too tired to remember I was in there too. The funnest part was having to sit in it for like four hours while I waited for the people driving me home to get there. I hate sitting in wet jeans.

The next day I went to a home school dance and I carpooled home with a friend and some other home schoolers. I was sitting in the back of the station wagon and I couldn’t open the door cuz my hands were full of crackers and chocolate so one of the guys came and opened the door but I still didn’t have hands to climb out so I was just gonna jump out. I could tell I was gonna have to jump far so I jumped really hard. Unfortunately I jumped up instead of out. I banged my head on the top of the station wagon so hard that it bounced me out of the car and down and my feet hit the ground so hard it kinda knocked the wind out of me. Only the guy that opened the door and the girl sitting in the back with me actually saw it cuz it was the back of the car but everyone heard it cuz my head made this awful sound and they were all like what happened and were all worried and I was just laughing cuz they were all so worried and I didn’t even hurt at all.

Then the day after that I had to take Peter in the hall during Sacrament meeting and when I opened the door I banged it into some kids face that was on the other side. I felt so awful but I burst out laughing cuz his brother saw too and he started laughing really hard. I’ll bet everyone on the last few rows could hear it. I had to run to the mother’s lounge cuz I was laughing so hard I was dropping Peter.

Yesterday I was just drinking water from my water bottle and I’m not sure how I did it but I ended up scraping up my lower gum. The girl I was talking to started laughing and was like yeah, only you could hurt yourself drinking water. Then today I accidentally kicked a little girl that was watching me do the Waltz of the Flowers and I tripped over a piece of tape in rehearsal and ran into the barre. I’m not sure even how I did that. It doesn’t make any sense." 

Yes, I was a clumsy girl. Thank goodness I've grown out of that phase! At least partially anyway...

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