"In all of living have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured!"
~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Like Turtles

Have you ever had one of those light-bulb moments about something where it just made sense, and then you wanted to write something about it...but when you sat down to do it you ended up with a beginning about one topic, and by the second half it had morphed a bit and you weren't sure whether to change the first half to be like the second, or the second to be like the first, or to just write two separate things that are similar...so you just don't finish writing it at all? Maybe not. But that's me for you. So, every time I decide to blog I start thinking "oh, I should finish that post I started..." and then I don't want to so I do something else and don't even post at all! Problem solved! Ok well not really.

BUT today is my day off (and it's Wednesday! Ballet day!! Yay!!!!), and Trevor will be at work and school for most of the day, so here is my chance to post lots and be wonderfully productive!

My "to do" list (in no particular order or priority):
- don't eat cookies for breakfast again
- drink enough water
- set up another doctor's appointment for my seemingly chronic nausea
- do laundry
- go to the DMV and get my name changed, and a new driver's license
- clean my room
- do the dishes
- call the relief society presidency to confirm the 'welcome to the ward' for me tomorrow
- practice the piano (I have been re-inspired! Thanks to Harry playing Harry Potter, and the Imperial Lament. Brilliant! and ridiculously talented!)
- stretch
- shower and look awesome
- finish that blog post I started forever ago
- write a post for every day I missed
- go to ballet!!!
- read more of my old textbook Fitness for Life (it's good stuff! Funny how much more interesting text books become when you haven't been in school for over a year...)

Ok so I'm being really ambitious, and considering my track record of getting things done on my day off...I'll be lucky if I do three of those. But I can dream, right? Also, it's almost 11:00 and I still haven't eaten any cookies, and I've had at least one or two cups of water so far, so basically I only have to do one more on my list before I can feel awesome by the standard I just set for myself in this paragraph!

Next on the list is calling the doctor! Onward to victory and success!

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