"In all of living have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured!"
~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Monday, August 15, 2011

Best Friends Make Bad Days Better

This is over-due, but I just haven't sat down to write it until now, so here it is.

This Wednesday was yet another affirmation that yes, Trevor is indeed my best friend. I love him :)

A little back-ground info: Wednesday is the day I have ballet (aka my new favorite day of the week!) and I have been looking forward to it and talking about it since my first class in nearly 3 1/2 years last Wednesday!

Tuesday night we were up till probably after 2 AM. Trevor was up late finishing his take-home final for a math class, and I was entertaining myself on my laptop. Fortunately, we were both off work on Wednesday, and Trevor was done with classes, so we slept in till probably close to noon. Then Trevor double-checked his late-night calculations from the night before before turning it in at 1:30. In response to me asking what he wanted me to make him for breakfast, he said chocolate milk. I was about to say no, but then I realized I had just eaten three cookies for breakfast...so I made him a good strong glass :)

I stayed at home and tried out the Yogaesque game we got for our brand new Kinect while he turned in his test, and then we went for a run together! Ok well more like a walk with short spans of slow jogging. Trevor is a really good sport about doing things at my speed, even though it probably bores him to pieces sometimes. Wednesday is ballet day remember and I didn't want to strain or exhaust myself too much and compromise my experience! Especially since I'm working during ballet next week, so this was my last shot for at least two more weeks, possibly longer. After running I stretched for awhile so I wouldn't be stiff for ballet, plus I've lost quite a bit of flexibility over the years! I had to be ready! Then I took a nice relaxing hot shower, grabbed some dinner, and hurried off to my haircut appointment where Trevor would join me later.

My appointment was at 5:15 and I only wanted a trim, so I figured I'd have plenty of time to finish, talk to the admissions department about what else I needed to turn in to get me to the top of the wait list for the Physical Therapy program (starting in less than a month!! knock on wood!!!!), check my work schedule for the next day, and get to my ballet class which was at 8:00. It was going to be great!

I told the hair student what I wanted, she ran it by her supervisor/instructor/whoever he was, and she started cutting. She said she was graduating from hair school next week, so I figured I was in good hands. (Not to mention she was one of the only students there with normal-looking hair, so I trusted her judgement a bit more than the ones with, say, short black hair and a bleached mullet. Yes, one of them had that. It was super ugly in my opinion, but what do I know?) Then she had to have the instructor person come over and show her how to layer my hair, and I got a little worried (isn't that a pretty standard thing stylists should know BEFORE cutting a customer's hair?), but I pushed my fear aside. We had a lovely chat while she was cutting my hair; one of the best I've ever had actually. I found out we were actually a lot alike! If we were in the same ward, we may very well be friends.

Then Trevor showed up for his haircut around 6:00. He ended up at the booth right across from me, and sneakily peeked around the side part-way through to ask if I was single and wanted to go on a date with him later that night. I said yes :) A wash and a haircut later he left, and I was still sitting there getting my trim. By this point I was starting to get more and more worried about the skill-level of this hair student, and frustrated with her lack of speed. I reminded her that I needed to be done no later than 7:15, and she said we should be fine. The hair helper people had to come over probably at least five times during the haircut to check up on her and show her how to do things (like trim my bangs, texture and point-cut the ends of my hair so it wasn't a straight chop, etc.), and then FINALLY she decided it was done and showed me the back...and it wasn't even how I wanted it! I have thick hair, so I like having long layers to break up the thickness so it doesn't just look choppy. Instead of long layers, it was pretty much all the same length, with just a tiny amount of hair layered. So little that you can hardly tell. By this point I just wanted her scissors out of my hair, and I wanted to be out of there so I could go to ballet. Unfortunately, it looked too bad to just leave. The hair instructor person came over again and told her what to do to make the bottom layer (practically all my hair) look better (it was seriously just cut straight across in a straight chop), and I decided to not worry about fixing the layers because that would mean re-doing pretty much everything that had been done - which had already taken FOREVER - and I was frustrated with having spent so long there, and I had places I needed to be, and important things to do. Namely, ballet!

Finally I just told her it was fine and left. It was 7:35. Almost 2 1/2 hours for a stupid trim. Unheard of. Forget about my other errands, I drove home as fast as I could, bolted through the door and down the stairs and started getting ready for ballet faster than I probably ever have. Trevor saw my need and helped gather my things for me. I put on my leotard and tights and threw my hair into probably one of the worst buns I've ever done. A fresh haircut takes a bit of getting used to. She hadn't parted my hair where it usually parts so that was a bit of a mess, plus my bangs had been trimmed and they didn't want to have anything to do with looking good pulled back, and with all my hair the same length there were ends sticking out everywhere that not even a hairnet and monster pins could control. At least not in the 2 minutes I had to do it in. Trevor was behind me cheering me on the whole time. I looked at the finished product in the mirror and knew it was just not going to work, so I started hastily taking it out to re-do it and hopefully only be a forgivable 5 minutes to ballet, but then I looked at the clock and class had already started. There was no way I would make it.

I know missing one silly ballet class isn't really that big of a deal, but I guess after all the built up frustration of my hair cut experience, plus not getting my important errands taken care of, plus the stress of trying to still make it, plus the realization and disappointment of having to miss my only chance to take a ballet class for a couple weeks when I had built it up for the past week, I just couldn't stand it. I'm not a crier, but this was enough to break me apparently. Trevor just held me for a bit and let me cry it out. Then he turned those tears to laughter, and decided to occupy my sudden extra two hours by cashing in the date he asked me on earlier! We went on a lovely walk in this nearby park that I love, and sat by the pond and made fun of the ducks and talked and laughed. Then we went to Sammy's for dinner! I love a good burger and fries :) It was national S'more's day, so we went over to his parents' house for s'mores, but we were actually full of pie-shakes so we didn't eat any. Then we picked up a movie and headed home to stay up late watching it. It was a wonderful date, and even if I wasn't already dating/married to Trevor, I might have still kissed him afterwards :)

Trevor just makes me feel so happy even when we're doing nothing, not to mention he's really good about keeping a level head about things so when I'm getting dramatic or worked up about something stupid he helps me chill out and get happy again, without even telling me I'm being stupid. Most of the time I can figure that out for myself anyways :) Those are just two of the things I love about him, and if I were to write out a list of all the other reasons I love him, it would just take forever. Maybe in a later post. Anyways, my husband is ridiculously awesome and I love him and I'm getting tired, hence the dwindling focus in this paragraph, so now I'm going to go tell him I love him for real instead of just writing about it :)

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