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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Catching Up: Yoga, Stomach, Always a Dancer

Ok I've been downright terrible at posting this past week. My excuse this time is going to be that I worked about 40 hours, so did Trevor, and it was education week...so everything was just a bit scattered. Which reminds me, education week was absolutely incredible and definitely merits a post or two! Those are yet to come :)

As for today, I went to a real yoga class for the first time ever! It's the 4th week of the month, so my focus is going to be mental/emotion health or whatever you want to call it. At my doctor's appointment last month, I was told I probably had IBS. Since then I've looked up a bunch of stuff online and I definitely disagree. I'm pretty sure I either have dyspepsia or gastroparesis, or something along those lines. I'm going back for another appointment this week, so maybe my diagnosis will be a little more sure? Anyways in my researching of both diseases/conditions/whatever they are technically called, I've discovered that there is no treatment or cure. Only things you can do to try to relieve the nausea, but they don't necessarily work. One thing that was said to help is yoga. So, I'm attempting to be a good little yoga student and hopefully help get my stomach a bit more under control! And my work schedule conveniently allots time for both ballet and yoga a couple time this week!

Tonight was my first class. It didn't start out too great. I got dressed up in my cute new yoga pants/shorts with a pink waistband, and headed out the door a couple minutes late. Then I drove the wrong way. Actually, I was going the right way and doubted myself and re-routed...and lost time. Not too much though. Then I found the place and walked up and opened the door under the sign...which turned out to be the wrong door, and actually opened up into the front of the studio where class was going on. Oops. I did find the right door eventually though, and jumped right into the thick of things since class had already started, and pretty soon another wave of nausea came on thanks to the upside-downess of the downward facing dog. It wasn't bad though and thankfully passed unusually fast.

I actually really liked the class! I couldn't help thinking that I wished it was ballet though. Part-way through the class the teacher came over and asked if I was a dancer. I told her yes and asked if it was that obvious. She just smiled and said she could always tell. After class she came over to me again and told me I had done really well, especially since it was my first time and the class was "not for beginners", and asked me where I was dancing. When I told her I wasn't exactly a dancer anymore, and that it had been years since I was really involved in ballet she just smiled again and informed me "once a dancer, always a dancer". I guess it's true. In any event, ballet is tomorrow. My first class since that true first one almost a month ago! I can't wait :)

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