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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back to Ballet!...almost

After receiving the rest of my edited engagement and formals pictures from my photographer today, and being promised my wedding day photos by next week, not to mention seeing other people with super cute pictures on their blogs, I decided there is a definite lack of pictures here. I intend to solve that problem :)

Just a bit of background before my actual post. This picture was taken in April of 2008 just a couple days after my last ballet class as of this moment. During this photo shoot I sprained or minorly fractured part of my foot and I never went back to class. As a result of that injury, the blood vessels in my foot were damaged so fluid leaks out of my blood whenever my foot isn't elevated - which is always. Basically my left foot is chronically swollen, but it's not usually very bad.

Today I had off work so (after sleeping in till 11, running a couple errands with my beloved husband, and being wonderfully lazy), I called a ballet studio nearby that offers classes tonight, and decided it was time I finally started ballet again! I had trevor help me dig through my stuff and find my old leotards, tights, and shoes. I opened a brand new pair of tights I never used before quitting, and put on my favorite leotard of course. Funny how losing so much weight can make your stuff not fit so well anymore. I probably should have started getting ready earlier considering I lost my nice big ballet hairpins and had to improvise a little. That made me a little late leaving. Had I actually gotten the right directions from google I could have made it in time, but I ended up on a wild goose chase going the wrong direction looking for the wrong address, circling back like 5 times, and stopping at a gas station and entertaining a bored cashier by having her re-google the directions - which were still wrong.

Finally I decided to go to where I originally thought it was before I looked up directions. I was right :) By that point I was 45 minutes late, so I just sat and watched the last half of the class. Oh man, sitting and watching that ballet class through the window was so tantalizing and such a relief at the same time! As excited as I am to be a part of ballet again, getting back into shape is going to be a ridiculously long, hard, frustrating road. Plus watching brought back memories of all the parts I don't like as much, like sweating and overheating, being tired and having your legs shake from exhaustion, fighting your hips to rotate, having to remember long complicated combinations, the frustration of not having good extension or falling out of pirouettes, tripping and slipping on tape on the floor, drinking water in an effort to stay hydrated and having it slosh around uncomfortably in your stomach for the next 2 hours, the burn of tendonitis, the burn in general, sweaty ick hair and clothes after class, feeling sick or tired during class and having to just press on, slacking off to save energy and getting called out by the teacher, banging your wrist while doing pirouettes at the barre...oh it goes on and on. That being said, I'm still just jumping up and down inside at the thought of actually taking a real ballet class tomorrow! The first one since the first week of April 2008 :) I can't wait!

Confession: wearing a leotard and tights again actually feels really good. I'll start to dislike it again very soon I'm sure, but for now, it's so reminiscent and familiar I could probably sleep in them :)

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