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Saturday, July 16, 2011

what i learned at college 06-07

I guess my post earlier today about having none of the past several years documented is a little bit of an exaggeration considering I actually have a bunch of essays, family newsletter entries, and other such things that capture some pieces. Here is one little gem that I remembered about and looked up while waiting for the last batch of homemade apple crunch muffins (yum! I've eaten 4 already) to come out of the oven. It sums up several parts of my first year at BYU very nicely, and I figured it was worth posting :)

What I learned at college freshman year:

- A ½ gallon of ice cream is NOT too much.
- The Creamery on 9th East is a magical place
- If you go geo-caching in Rock Canyon Park at midnight the police might get involved, but if you’re nice to them they just might go geo-caching with you!
- If you and some friends randomly lay down in the hall in the Joseph Smith Building you could end up being extras in a movie
- If you have a car everyone will be your friend!
- You probably shouldn’t park on a white line if you’re borrowing someone else’s car and you don’t have a BYU parking tag thing because it might get towed and you might get a ticket.
- The best way to get paid $6 an hour for not going on any dates and not doing your homework is to get an on-campus job.
- If you’re bored all you really need is a roommate and a camera.
- It’s a good idea to have 2 dates planned the same day so if the first guy stands you up, at least you still have another date. And it’s also a good idea to have a cousin in the next building so when you think you got stood up by the second guy too – but actually he was unavoidable detained for about 3 hours – you have someone to vent to until the second guy shows up. And if the second guy shows up 3 hours late you’ll probably be out pretty late.
- You probably shouldn’t assume anyone’s age because some people that look like they’re 18 are actually 25.
- It is possible to go to class every day and take notes and do your homework and study for 10+ hours before every exam and still fail 3 exams and the final. It’s also possible to still get a C in the class. Somehow.
- Not everyone at BYU is Mormon, but everyone is white.
- Getting asked out 8 times in two week is a little overwhelming
- Studying is not overrated.
- It’s a really long walk from the testing center back to heritage halls, especially when you didn’t do well on your test.
- Going out with RM’s is not as scary as I thought. Almost, but not quite
- Sometimes RM’s live in Heritage, and it’s not a good idea to be talking about how weird that is without looking around because sometimes there might be an RM right behind you.
- The best things in life aren’t free, but they’re the only things you can afford.
- Pot pies and hamburger helper actually aren’t that bad, but mac-n-cheese is still disgusting!
- Things get a little tricky when there are only 4 weekends left and 6 guys are asking you out and you don’t like any of them.
- Studying cadavers isn’t gross after the first 3 hours or so. 
- Cadavers are actually really cool! Some days I spend more time with cadavers than with my friends. - When I grow up I want to be a cadaver.
- There are so many disorders and diseases and health conditions and based on the percentiles I hear about in anatomy the fact that I have lived this long and am still standing is pretty amazing.
- If you want to run into a random cute guy after class and have him walk you home you should have a bad hair day because you never run into them on days that you actually look good.
- You probably shouldn’t answer the door if you’re sick and you just woke up from a nap and your hair looks all funny from sleeping with wet hair and you aren’t wearing makeup because it just might be a guy that came to ask you out.
- If you have friends in your classes they are about 50 times more bearable!
- If a guy asks you out that likes to cook, you should probably say yes.
- If there is free food involved you should probably go.
- You can overcome anything with enough chocolate.
- Whoever said “facebook sucks away more life than a boyfriend” knew what they were talking about. Haha I actually don’t use it quite that much.
- If you randomly start singing, even if you can’t see anyone, people can hear you.
- Wet fingers freeze to the insides of freezers just like tongues freeze to lamp posts. It is also possible to get cold burn so bad from freezing your hand to the freezer that your fingers blister and scar, and when you ask your friends for aloe and explain what happened they will think you are hopeless.
- Just because you have more free hours on Saturday doesn’t mean you will get any homework done, so you probably shouldn’t plan on it.
- When you live in a little dorm if one of you gets sick, all six will. Unless of course the one that gets sick first is me. Then no one else gets sick.
- When six girls use the same bathroom and someone forgets to clean it for a week or two it gets really gross.
- Waking up at 7 in college is about as hard as waking up at 4 in high school, and staying up till 2 is way easier than staying up till 11 was.
- If you go to brick oven and order an 8 inch pizza make sure the waitress writes down 8 instead of 10 and make sure she writes it neatly or you could end up with a 16 inch pizza instead of an 8 inch one. 
- It is possible to fit 11 people in a regular sized car without impeding the driver.
- If there’s not room for you and your roommate in the car and you tell your ride you’ll just walk till they come back for you, make sure they know you’re serious or you may end up getting forgotten and walking the whole way home. But if one of you has a sled at least you can take turns pulling each other in it and pretending it's making you go faster.
- If you play bigger-or-better for fhe and each team starts out with a penny you could end up with 2 cars.
- Don’t ever trade a potted tree for bread to Canadians who are obsessed with playing croquet because they won’t make it for you and they won’t give your tree back either.

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