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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mary Kay mascara

I don't feel like spending too long on an entry, but for the sake of establishing habit I'm posting anyway. And I've chosen a nice boring review of my Mary Kay products since me and Trevor have been looking up product reviews to decide which of our multiples to keep from our wedding presents, so it's on my mind. Basically, I was super excited about this Mary Kay stuff a couple of months ago when I won a free makeover in a contest through David's Bridal. I got a great deal on the products from the sales rep, so I ended up buying face-wash, moisturizer, mascara, and foundation. I have no complaints about the face wash, but it doesn't really seem special enough to be worth the money. The moisturizer has sunscreen in it, and ends up initially leaving my skin with more of that sunscreen-smelling greasyness than the banana boat sunscreen that Trevor picked up off the shelf somewhere. Not too great, but that does wear off after awhile and it does do a good job moisturizing even in this desert. The foundation is a powder and makes me sneeze when I put it on. I'm used to a compact instead of a loose powder, so that may be more my fault than the product's. It's also a pain if you want to travel with it because it dumps out the holes in the top and just makes a mess. The mascara was probably the biggest let-down. It's really wet so it makes my lashes clumpy. I have to scrape it off every time before I use it, and it still makes clumpies sometimes. It also takes a long time to dry so when I sneeze from my foundation it leaves black lines under my eyes from my lashes, which leads into the next problem...it's pretty hard to get off all the way. Awesome if you want a water-resistant mascara, but it's a pain if you get it somewhere on your face you don't want it, which happens quite a bit since it's so wet. It looks good when it goes on right though!
So basically, the products I've tried work fine, but next time I'm buying Cover Girl and saving the money!

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