"In all of living have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured!"
~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


My dear husband is still sleeping and I have a couple minutes to kill before work, so...mini blog post!
I just got back from yet another doctor's appointment to try to figure out what's wrong with my body and why I'm sick so much of the time. The tentative diagnosi (what on earth is the plural of diagnosis?) have been a bit varied, but at the moment they think it's Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Basically, food makes me sick. And that's just how it's going to be for the rest of forever. Not the happiest of circumstances, but hey, at least I'm not paralyzed or blind or mentally handicapped or anything like that. On a happier note, my homework from my doctor for this month is to get 40 grams of fiber and eat a yogurt every day. It's not any sort of cure or anything, but she said it can help. So I decided I'm going to learn how to make the most awesome parfaits and smoothies ever! And I'm going to find all the good fiber-laden recipes and foods there are out there. I learned from the movie MegaMind that the difference between a villain and a super villain is presentation, so I figure the same goes for parfaits. Since I already have 5 darlingly cute ice cream sundae/parfait glasses, as well as a ice-crushing monster of a blender, I figure I'm well on my way :)

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  1. Yum! The thought of this sounds delicious! When you find a good one, please share. :)