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~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Goals Goals Goals :)

I came across this quote today

"A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline." ~ Harvey Mackay

 and realized that's probably why my dreams don't turn into reality all that often. As much fun as it is being a dreamer, I'd rather be an achiever! A month or two ago I made a list (which has now been lost coincidentally haha) of a bunch of things I wanted to do or be, and now I'm going to pick a few and turn them into real goals with a plan and a deadline. I already proved I can by starting this blog, which I've been meaning to for several months and FINALLY actually did! At the moment I have 3 dreams at the top of my list of 'unachieved':

- get a degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant so I can quit my current job that I am far from in love with, and get one that I actually like, that actually has hours compliant with being a wife and/or mother

- start up ballet again. I'll never be able to do it to the extent that I did for most of my life - or have training anywhere near as good -, but it's so much a part of me that I can't stop wishing I still danced at least a little!

- get whipped back into shape on the piano again. Like ballet, playing the piano is also something I just can't let go, but haven't gotten back into for one silly reason or another. Trevor doesn't like it when I say I'm a waste of training, but that's a bit what it feels like. I've had more training and opportunity in both classical piano and classical ballet than most, and now I don't use a bit of it. 

SO...operation make dreams into goals! All three of these are pretty tall orders, so I'm only going to attack one at a time. Since the first one will ultimately probably have the biggest impact on my life and consequently Trevor's too, that is my #1 dream at the moment!

The Plan. There are exactly 2 schools that offer PTA programs in Utah - one is an hour+ one-way depending on traffic, and the other is about 3 minutes away from our house. A pretty obvious choice until you realize that the close one costs about $40,000 and the other one is more like $12,000. Hopefully financial aid and scholarships will take care of that problem? I'm definitely opting for the closer one because I need to work at least 24 hours a week in order to keep my medical benefits with my current job, and thanks to my unpredictable on-off nausea 24/7 and unsure diagnosis, I really need those benefits. Lets face it, a 2-hour commute just isn't worth my sanity, plus I would never see my husband! And just look at him, he's clearly worth more than $30,000! 

So now that I've chosen my school and accepted the money challenge, here's a new challenge: the program only accepts 40 students, classes start in less than a month, they're already full, and they only let people start the program in August. So basically, it's a year wait. Solution: I talked to the lady in charge over the phone and I am on the list of alternates is case someone drops. Also, because of my BS in Exercise Science, I am near the top of the list, and if someone drops the first semester I can probably jump in next semester because most of the first-semester classes have been fulfilled by my degree! Basically, it's probably not going to happen, but the odds are not that much against me! 

Next on the agenda: I've already talked to my manager about working out a work schedule with my potential new class schedule, so that's taken care of. Now all I have to do is stop by and fill out the paperwork to make it official should a spot present itself, and in the meantime fill out whatever financial aid or scholarship material I can get my hands on! As for the timeframe mentioned in the above quote, everything I can do will be done by next Wednesday at the latest, and hopefully before Saturday at midnight!

Knock on wood! This 'dream' has now moved to the category of 'goal' and will hopefully soon be on the way to a reality!

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  1. You should find a job that pays for tuition...if any do that past a Bachelor's! You could try though.