"In all of living have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured!"
~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Sunday, July 31, 2011

first Sunday in our new family ward

Thanks to various events (being on a honeymoon, going to the wrong ward, etc), today was my first time attending our new family ward! After 5 years of being in a ward for single college students and consequently only having about a 7-year (or less) age range from the oldest to youngest, it was quite a change! We were a little bit late thanks to staying up late (yesterday was our 1-month wedding anniversary, so we had some late-night errands getting groceries, stomach meds, and red-box rentals, and then stayed up late baking an anniversary cake and watching Harry Potter 7 part 1 to celebrate!) plus Trevor accidentally set the alarm on his phone for Thursday instead of Sunday...so we woke up late. We still managed to make it to our seats while they were singing the opening hymn of Sacrament Meeting though, so we really weren't too late. After the opening prayer the bishop announced three funerals that are being held this week. My goodness! I've been in my little world of young healthy people so long, I forgot that in normal family wards, people get old and die sometimes. Then children proceeded to scream and make noise for the entire meeting. It was SO LOUD! Partly because I'm still not used to it, partly because I was exhausted and less tolerant, and party because, well, they were especially disruptive. Not the best experience I've ever had at Sacrament Meeting, but church is church. The bishop was really nice. He came and introduced himself to us afterwards, gave us a 'hint' about Trevor's future calling that was actually a dead give-away, asked us both to speak in church in a couple weeks, and sent us off to get our pictures taken for the directory.

Sunday School was much better. The teacher wasn't quite my favorite, but then again I'm used to being taught by my peers instead of by a random man I haven't gotten to know yet.

Relief Society was my favorite, as per usual :) I signed up to bake cookies for one of the funerals even though I have no clue who any of the people who died are. I just like baking cookies (and eating them :)! And if I give some away, I'll eat less of them, be less sick, I'll be doing service, and I'll finally have another excuse to bake again! Win/win/win/win! Done. There doesn't appear to be many other people my age in my ward now, which is really kind of sad, but I guess I'll get used to it. A lot of the women are pretty old it seems, and as my aunt Camilla informed me, they have all been in the same ward for like their whole lives with my grandparents, and my mom growing up, and everything. So...at least I'll have lots of examples of moms, grandmas, and great-grandmas to look up to? There are a bunch of younger moms too though, and I'm guessing the age-gap will feel smaller over time. It'll be good. It will just take some getting used to. The lessons - interestingly enough - was on reverence. Of course in a room full of mothers, there was plenty of discussion! The poor teacher didn't even get through the first page of what she had prepared because everyone had things to say! A lot of really good things were said, and I actually really liked the discussion/lesson.

Here's a list of some of the ideas that were given about how to help children behave during church:
- practice being reverent for the Sacrament during FHE. Set a timer for 10 minutes and have them practice how they are going to be. 
- teach them about reverence at home so when they get to church it's not just about being quiet for an hour and 15 minutes
- be an example of reverence for them, don't be messing with your phone, talking to friends, chewing out your kids, etc.
- when they're old enough, they can read the Sacrament hymns and try to memorize them during the Sacrament
- give them options and let them know what's ok and not ok BEFORE it's an issue. One lady gave her daughter the options 1) sit and listen quietly 2) read her Sunday book about Christ 3) color in her Living Scriptures coloring book. Eating during church wasn't an option so it was never an issue, and she was allowed to go to the bathroom one time during the meetings
- instead of whispering threats, getting after kids, getting mad, punishing, etc. praise them for when they do something well

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Goals Goals Goals :)

I came across this quote today

"A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline." ~ Harvey Mackay

 and realized that's probably why my dreams don't turn into reality all that often. As much fun as it is being a dreamer, I'd rather be an achiever! A month or two ago I made a list (which has now been lost coincidentally haha) of a bunch of things I wanted to do or be, and now I'm going to pick a few and turn them into real goals with a plan and a deadline. I already proved I can by starting this blog, which I've been meaning to for several months and FINALLY actually did! At the moment I have 3 dreams at the top of my list of 'unachieved':

- get a degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant so I can quit my current job that I am far from in love with, and get one that I actually like, that actually has hours compliant with being a wife and/or mother

- start up ballet again. I'll never be able to do it to the extent that I did for most of my life - or have training anywhere near as good -, but it's so much a part of me that I can't stop wishing I still danced at least a little!

- get whipped back into shape on the piano again. Like ballet, playing the piano is also something I just can't let go, but haven't gotten back into for one silly reason or another. Trevor doesn't like it when I say I'm a waste of training, but that's a bit what it feels like. I've had more training and opportunity in both classical piano and classical ballet than most, and now I don't use a bit of it. 

SO...operation make dreams into goals! All three of these are pretty tall orders, so I'm only going to attack one at a time. Since the first one will ultimately probably have the biggest impact on my life and consequently Trevor's too, that is my #1 dream at the moment!

The Plan. There are exactly 2 schools that offer PTA programs in Utah - one is an hour+ one-way depending on traffic, and the other is about 3 minutes away from our house. A pretty obvious choice until you realize that the close one costs about $40,000 and the other one is more like $12,000. Hopefully financial aid and scholarships will take care of that problem? I'm definitely opting for the closer one because I need to work at least 24 hours a week in order to keep my medical benefits with my current job, and thanks to my unpredictable on-off nausea 24/7 and unsure diagnosis, I really need those benefits. Lets face it, a 2-hour commute just isn't worth my sanity, plus I would never see my husband! And just look at him, he's clearly worth more than $30,000! 

So now that I've chosen my school and accepted the money challenge, here's a new challenge: the program only accepts 40 students, classes start in less than a month, they're already full, and they only let people start the program in August. So basically, it's a year wait. Solution: I talked to the lady in charge over the phone and I am on the list of alternates is case someone drops. Also, because of my BS in Exercise Science, I am near the top of the list, and if someone drops the first semester I can probably jump in next semester because most of the first-semester classes have been fulfilled by my degree! Basically, it's probably not going to happen, but the odds are not that much against me! 

Next on the agenda: I've already talked to my manager about working out a work schedule with my potential new class schedule, so that's taken care of. Now all I have to do is stop by and fill out the paperwork to make it official should a spot present itself, and in the meantime fill out whatever financial aid or scholarship material I can get my hands on! As for the timeframe mentioned in the above quote, everything I can do will be done by next Wednesday at the latest, and hopefully before Saturday at midnight!

Knock on wood! This 'dream' has now moved to the category of 'goal' and will hopefully soon be on the way to a reality!

thoughts on the current 'new' template

ehhhh...this one is super cute, but really frustrating compared to my other one. It doesn't let me change or edit like anything...in particular the font and size of the title...and it has the title show up sliced in half under another copy of the title...hence the random ~ and chunks of pink letters below the title. I don't know, maybe it just needs some getting used to, but I don't think this one will last long. It sure is cute while it lasts though!

You Reap What You Sew

Today started out good as far as eating well goes. I got up and made myself a delicious omelet with fresh tomatoes, onions, and green peppers and whole grain toast. Yum! I finished up the last of my le-blue-ber experiment from last night too, and drank plenty of water. I was off to a great, healthy, anti-sick-feeling start!

And then I cracked a bit and ate a bunch of Reese's. And a frozen cookie. Confession, I have a deep and abiding love for both of these food items, and Reese's make me feel sick almost without fail, but I still eat them anyways because I'm just so addicted that sometimes it's just worth it :) A pepto-bismol and an hour or so later I was feeling great and ready for another afternoon/evening of work!

A fellow co-worker brought brownies in to work today that he made from scratch. I also have a weakness for brownies. I ate at least 4. They weren't that big...

When my lunch break rolled around, I realized I didn't have real food with me. I resorted to a bag of chili cheese fritos from the vending machine. $0.85 isn't bad for a meal, right? That was a bad choice though; they didn't sit well in my stomach and made the rest of my work-day a lot less fun. Yet another pepto or two later and I was finally off and still not feeling that sick!

On my way out of work I saw a text from my beloved Trevor. He and his littlest sister had baked up a surprise for me while I was working! I was greeted at home by a divinely delicious fresh batch of brownies with chunks of Reese's! Trevor insisted that I eat the dinner he had made for me first (more real food = less room for junk = less likely to binge on junk = less feeling sick! He's a smart man :), and I complied. Then I ate a brownie after dinner, and felt fine! It was great! And then I decided I wanted another one. And another one. And one more.

So now I'm stuffed with several Reese's, a cookie, 4+ brownies from work, chili cheese fritos, and 4 or so Reese's brownies from home, and I've been feeling sick and rotten (despite the 3 different meds I've taken for it) for the past several hours while lounging on the couch watching movies (Mr. Bean, Iron Man II, and the Swan Princess - Trevor is humoring me :), belching big nasty burps that taste like those chili fritos (ick!), and wishing I wasn't so dumb sometimes. You'd think I wouldn't do this to myself considering this has been the case for years and I know it, but no. At least I had fun eating all that yummy food? And maybe someday I'll hopefully learn from my mistakes enough to stop repeating them? For now I guess I'll just enjoy Trevor's company while I wait out yet another bout of nausea. Story of my life, except this one is totally my fault :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Good Food Quote

"One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating." - Luciano Pavarotti
 Words of wisdom that I found quoted at the top of someone else's blog :)

Lemon-Blueberry-Fiber Parfait

Confession, I STILL haven't tried that delicious-sounding cinnamon-pear smoothie that I posted the recipe for several days ago. My pears are having a hard time ripening it turns out. Maybe in a couple more days? In the meantime, I've been terrible about eating fiber and yogurt. Instead I've been doing really good at eating tons of cookies and Reese's and other junk! Which means...my stomach hasn't feeling very good. Very full + very not healthy food = very very unhappy stomach. So I decided to repent of my ways and eat both yogurt and fiber for dinner after work tonight, and I'm sooo glad I did! I accidentally discovered a new favorite combination! I've been eating Fiber One bran cereal and it's not too bad, but it still has that almost cardboardy taste to it. This disguised it beautifully! It's got what I need and it can't get much easier to make, plus it's super duper yummy!

I suppose I should call it something original and say I invented it so I can market it and get money or something someday, but that's entirely too much work for the time being. Especially since I have no real measurements or anything, just estimations. In the meantime, I'll just call it the Le-blue-ber because it's shorter to say. Not that typing the rest of the words out is that much  more effort, but that's beside the point.

The Le-blue-ber:
serves 2 if you eat small like me :)

- 1 6-oz cup of lemon yogurt
- 3/4 cup Fiber One (I used the original gerbil-food-looking kind)
- 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries thawed (for optimal juiciness!)

Then just layer them, and be sure to pour the blueberry juice in too.

Super yummy, plus you get a good amount of yogurt, about 1 serving of fruit, and about 15 grams of fiber! Yay!! It's a keeper!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More IBS

I decided I'm going to write a book eventually about my stomach issues and how I learned to deal with them. Ok well maybe not a book, but at least a good long blog post someday. Or an essay. Or at least a paragraph? 'Someday' being the keyword here. For the time being I'm just going to write notes somewhere whenever I find a good fiber-laden recipe, or find something that helps. Just from my somewhat minimal efforts browsing online in forums and the like, it looks like there are quite a few people who suffer with frequent/constant nausea just like me. Some of them have other unpleasant symptoms too. It can sure be frustrating, not to mention debilitating, uncomfortable, and just flat out miserable. Having a doctor tell you there's not really any way to treat it, and that you're just going to have to live like this for the rest of your life is far from comforting. Basically, I think having a compilation of ideas for relief and self-help will be helpful to other people struggling with the same issues. Even if it's not, or if no one else ever reads it, I think it will at least be helpful to me to write it. Kind of like why I started this blog :) So I guess it just boils down to me being selfish and doing things for myself, but hey, if you can help yourself, why not go for it?

Happy (late) Pioneer Day!

This weekend was Pioneer Day! Yay! I have pioneer heritage on both sides of my family, and I definitely have something to be proud of and to celebrate :) And there's certainly no better place to be for Pioneer Day than in Utah! Technically it was on Sunday, but because this is Utah, it was observed on Monday. Both me and Trevor had off work, and Trevor didn't even have school, so it was going to be a fantastically wonderful day! But then I woke up to a desperate-sounding text from my manager saying we had some sick calls and we really needed help. Remembering all the times I've been completely swamped at work, and no one would come in when we needed help, I took pity on the people working - on a holiday no less! - and said I would come help. I got up, ate, got ready, and headed off to work and left my husband dearest still sleeping. Fully expecting to be greeted by utter mayhem at work, I was kind of surprised and frustrated to find out that actually only 1 person had called out sick. The workload wasn't even bad at all, and they actually would have finished fine even without me. It turns out my manager was just being a little dramatic and sent out a text to 8 people to try and convince them to come in. I was the only one who said I would, and consequently spent a good chunk of my day of vacation working. Oh well. More money in the bank! Working/talking with Drew while working was a pleasure, as usual, and Trevor got a chance to sleep in without me bugging him to wake up :) plus he had some quiet time to study for his take-home test and start it. So all was not lost!

After a couple hours of work I got my bedding and empty boxes from my old apartment. They got forgotten in all the early-morning stress of my wedding, and in all the spider hullabaloo after our honeymoon. Then I whipped up some delicious home-made chicken pot pies for me and my husband, and we headed off to his family's house for my first experience setting off real fireworks! His cousins (my cousins in law?) came over too and blew up a watermelon. We all got snaps and several colored sparklers too! I didn't even know such a thing existed! It was really windy and rainy so some of the fuses took a bit of effort to light, and the smoke from the sparklers was blowing around everywhere. Memories. Trevor's mom brought out a huge bowl of warm strawberry popcorn and it was sooo sooo good! A lot of firsts, and all of them were good :)

The fun didn't end there though! Once we were sufficiently wet from setting off fireworks in the rain, and full of jello popcorn, Trevor and I went to McDonald's to get a real-fruit smoothie and accompanying free red-box rental (Rango!). Equipped with snacks and entertainment, we headed home for a movie night! Aaand I fell asleep about an hour into it because I was all funned out :) What a good day!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cinnapear smoothies: the first of the smoothie recipes!

After checking out the reviews and everything, I decided that this would be a good recipe to try as the first of my healthy-eating smoothie adventure! Unfortunately, I can't remember whether or not I'm allergic to pears...so hopefully I won't die in the process. I got this from Allrecipes.com, and I'm going to post everything right here so I know where to find it again :)

for 2 servings:
  • 2 pears, quartered and cores removed (frozen if you have time)
  • 1 banana, cut in chunks (also frozen)
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup vanilla yogurt
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1 pinch ground nutmeg
  • some ice cubes if you want
then you just throw everything in the blender, puree, and enjoy!

each serving (depending on the milk and yogurt you use) has around 270 calories, 6% DV of fat, and 7 grams of fiber! That's like 2 birds with one stone! I get probiotics from the yogurt and as much fiber as a cup of raisin bran all in one. I sure hope I like this one!

ballet nostalgia

I've been slacking the past couple days...whoops. And technically it's after midnight, so it's not even Saturday anymore, but I'm going to count it anyways. And this is going to be super short because I'm totally falling asleep. Like I said in one of my first posts, ballet is kind of my number one passion (aside from the Gospel, my husband, chocolate etc. :) and having to give it up because of injuries was incredibly hard. Lately I've been missing it more and more, and now I've decided to actually DO something about it! So I've been looking around at different Ballet studios nearby, and I found 2 options that I'm really excited about! It will only be once a week - probably less because of my varying work schedule - so it will be waaay less stressful on my body than my typical 20+ hours a week during my teenage years. Hopefully this will be a good way for me to be a part of ballet again :) I just want to go to a class tomorrow! But I have to wait till next Wednesday. It stinks, but hey, at least it's something!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


My dear husband is still sleeping and I have a couple minutes to kill before work, so...mini blog post!
I just got back from yet another doctor's appointment to try to figure out what's wrong with my body and why I'm sick so much of the time. The tentative diagnosi (what on earth is the plural of diagnosis?) have been a bit varied, but at the moment they think it's Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Basically, food makes me sick. And that's just how it's going to be for the rest of forever. Not the happiest of circumstances, but hey, at least I'm not paralyzed or blind or mentally handicapped or anything like that. On a happier note, my homework from my doctor for this month is to get 40 grams of fiber and eat a yogurt every day. It's not any sort of cure or anything, but she said it can help. So I decided I'm going to learn how to make the most awesome parfaits and smoothies ever! And I'm going to find all the good fiber-laden recipes and foods there are out there. I learned from the movie MegaMind that the difference between a villain and a super villain is presentation, so I figure the same goes for parfaits. Since I already have 5 darlingly cute ice cream sundae/parfait glasses, as well as a ice-crushing monster of a blender, I figure I'm well on my way :)

pink happy thoughts!

haha I saw this somewhere just now and wanted to remember it. This seemed an appropriate place to put it, so pink happy thoughts!

pizza, presents, and pirates

Today at work, one of my co-workers informed me that Papa John's has a deal for 1 large 1 topping pizza for $6.50 on Monday nights! As a huge fan of Papa John's, I decided this opportunity shouldn't be wasted, so for F.H.E. me and Trevor sorted through our duplicate wedding presents, returned a bunch, combined all our gift cards and felt rich, used another gift card at Lowe's to get some spider-killing spray (which is now sprayed all over the bathroom and office and kitchen yay!), and picked up a large olive pizza on the way home :) Then Trevor sauteed onions, green bell peppers, and tomato chunks to add on top. Oh my goodness it was sooooo good! Then we watched Pirates of the Caribbean on Trevor's large TV while eating our super delicious pizza and sitting on our pile of gift card cash. It was wonderful :)  Oh and I also skinned my achilles and my lateral ankle bone on one of the metal carts at work today. That hurt. The end.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mary Kay mascara

I don't feel like spending too long on an entry, but for the sake of establishing habit I'm posting anyway. And I've chosen a nice boring review of my Mary Kay products since me and Trevor have been looking up product reviews to decide which of our multiples to keep from our wedding presents, so it's on my mind. Basically, I was super excited about this Mary Kay stuff a couple of months ago when I won a free makeover in a contest through David's Bridal. I got a great deal on the products from the sales rep, so I ended up buying face-wash, moisturizer, mascara, and foundation. I have no complaints about the face wash, but it doesn't really seem special enough to be worth the money. The moisturizer has sunscreen in it, and ends up initially leaving my skin with more of that sunscreen-smelling greasyness than the banana boat sunscreen that Trevor picked up off the shelf somewhere. Not too great, but that does wear off after awhile and it does do a good job moisturizing even in this desert. The foundation is a powder and makes me sneeze when I put it on. I'm used to a compact instead of a loose powder, so that may be more my fault than the product's. It's also a pain if you want to travel with it because it dumps out the holes in the top and just makes a mess. The mascara was probably the biggest let-down. It's really wet so it makes my lashes clumpy. I have to scrape it off every time before I use it, and it still makes clumpies sometimes. It also takes a long time to dry so when I sneeze from my foundation it leaves black lines under my eyes from my lashes, which leads into the next problem...it's pretty hard to get off all the way. Awesome if you want a water-resistant mascara, but it's a pain if you get it somewhere on your face you don't want it, which happens quite a bit since it's so wet. It looks good when it goes on right though!
So basically, the products I've tried work fine, but next time I'm buying Cover Girl and saving the money!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

spiders were meant to be smashed

For my post of the day I'm just going to vent about how much I hate spiders. Our new place has a ton of perks - don't get me wrong - and I really do love our wonderful cute new home, but it does feel an awful lot like I'm living in a nest of spiders sometimes. The first one I saw after we got back from our honeymoon was late Sunday night. He decided to make a mad dash across the kitchen floor towards Trevor. His trip ended in death. Victory! Then the next morning Trevor handed me a towel, and just inches from drying my face on it I realized there was a spider on it! I promptly squealed and threw it, and Trevor saved my life again by killing our new friend. Over the course of the day I proceeded to find and kill (or send my wonderful new husband to kill :) several more, and the pattern has continued throughout the week. Probably the most notable incident was last night / this morning. I got home from work around 10:45, and found 2 spiders within about 2 minutes of walking in the door. This should hardly have been a surprise by this point, but I'm terribly afraid of spiders and the common occurrence of finding them still hasn't dulled the adrenaline rush and accompanying fear. And it still takes me a couple minutes to work up the courage to actually smash them with something, and work up the stomach to clean up afterwards. Fortunately, our numerous spider friends are fairly cooperative at waiting patiently in the same spot while I run around looking for something to kill them with, and then stare at them while waiting for the nerve to finish the deed. Anyways, after killing a third spider that night, I decided to carry a shoe around with me so I'd be prepared. I also decided that, rather than braving the journey across our brown shag carpet that camouflages the spiders so perfectly until you're basically in contact with them,  I would stay on the white kitchen floor till Trevor came home to protect me. Unfortunately, he had work till 4 a.m. so it was a long wait. One of the spiders I found that night was in a web around the plunger, so I left it for Trevor to kill. It turned out to be a good idea despite the wait, because once he finally came home we found not 1, but 8 more spiders in the bathroom!!!! They are now all dead thanks to my brave knight in shining armor :) And our total number of dead spiders climbed to upwards of 26 since we moved in. I proceeded to have many nightmares about spiders, and was haunted somewhat frequently throughout the day by stray hairs or random things brushing against me that feel like spiders. ugh. It's pretty awful. I really really REALLY hope we get them exterminated!! SOON!!! On a happier note, we haven't found a single one yet today! Although, I probably just jinxed myself by saying that.

what i learned at college 06-07

I guess my post earlier today about having none of the past several years documented is a little bit of an exaggeration considering I actually have a bunch of essays, family newsletter entries, and other such things that capture some pieces. Here is one little gem that I remembered about and looked up while waiting for the last batch of homemade apple crunch muffins (yum! I've eaten 4 already) to come out of the oven. It sums up several parts of my first year at BYU very nicely, and I figured it was worth posting :)

What I learned at college freshman year:

- A ½ gallon of ice cream is NOT too much.
- The Creamery on 9th East is a magical place
- If you go geo-caching in Rock Canyon Park at midnight the police might get involved, but if you’re nice to them they just might go geo-caching with you!
- If you and some friends randomly lay down in the hall in the Joseph Smith Building you could end up being extras in a movie
- If you have a car everyone will be your friend!
- You probably shouldn’t park on a white line if you’re borrowing someone else’s car and you don’t have a BYU parking tag thing because it might get towed and you might get a ticket.
- The best way to get paid $6 an hour for not going on any dates and not doing your homework is to get an on-campus job.
- If you’re bored all you really need is a roommate and a camera.
- It’s a good idea to have 2 dates planned the same day so if the first guy stands you up, at least you still have another date. And it’s also a good idea to have a cousin in the next building so when you think you got stood up by the second guy too – but actually he was unavoidable detained for about 3 hours – you have someone to vent to until the second guy shows up. And if the second guy shows up 3 hours late you’ll probably be out pretty late.
- You probably shouldn’t assume anyone’s age because some people that look like they’re 18 are actually 25.
- It is possible to go to class every day and take notes and do your homework and study for 10+ hours before every exam and still fail 3 exams and the final. It’s also possible to still get a C in the class. Somehow.
- Not everyone at BYU is Mormon, but everyone is white.
- Getting asked out 8 times in two week is a little overwhelming
- Studying is not overrated.
- It’s a really long walk from the testing center back to heritage halls, especially when you didn’t do well on your test.
- Going out with RM’s is not as scary as I thought. Almost, but not quite
- Sometimes RM’s live in Heritage, and it’s not a good idea to be talking about how weird that is without looking around because sometimes there might be an RM right behind you.
- The best things in life aren’t free, but they’re the only things you can afford.
- Pot pies and hamburger helper actually aren’t that bad, but mac-n-cheese is still disgusting!
- Things get a little tricky when there are only 4 weekends left and 6 guys are asking you out and you don’t like any of them.
- Studying cadavers isn’t gross after the first 3 hours or so. 
- Cadavers are actually really cool! Some days I spend more time with cadavers than with my friends. - When I grow up I want to be a cadaver.
- There are so many disorders and diseases and health conditions and based on the percentiles I hear about in anatomy the fact that I have lived this long and am still standing is pretty amazing.
- If you want to run into a random cute guy after class and have him walk you home you should have a bad hair day because you never run into them on days that you actually look good.
- You probably shouldn’t answer the door if you’re sick and you just woke up from a nap and your hair looks all funny from sleeping with wet hair and you aren’t wearing makeup because it just might be a guy that came to ask you out.
- If you have friends in your classes they are about 50 times more bearable!
- If a guy asks you out that likes to cook, you should probably say yes.
- If there is free food involved you should probably go.
- You can overcome anything with enough chocolate.
- Whoever said “facebook sucks away more life than a boyfriend” knew what they were talking about. Haha I actually don’t use it quite that much.
- If you randomly start singing, even if you can’t see anyone, people can hear you.
- Wet fingers freeze to the insides of freezers just like tongues freeze to lamp posts. It is also possible to get cold burn so bad from freezing your hand to the freezer that your fingers blister and scar, and when you ask your friends for aloe and explain what happened they will think you are hopeless.
- Just because you have more free hours on Saturday doesn’t mean you will get any homework done, so you probably shouldn’t plan on it.
- When you live in a little dorm if one of you gets sick, all six will. Unless of course the one that gets sick first is me. Then no one else gets sick.
- When six girls use the same bathroom and someone forgets to clean it for a week or two it gets really gross.
- Waking up at 7 in college is about as hard as waking up at 4 in high school, and staying up till 2 is way easier than staying up till 11 was.
- If you go to brick oven and order an 8 inch pizza make sure the waitress writes down 8 instead of 10 and make sure she writes it neatly or you could end up with a 16 inch pizza instead of an 8 inch one. 
- It is possible to fit 11 people in a regular sized car without impeding the driver.
- If there’s not room for you and your roommate in the car and you tell your ride you’ll just walk till they come back for you, make sure they know you’re serious or you may end up getting forgotten and walking the whole way home. But if one of you has a sled at least you can take turns pulling each other in it and pretending it's making you go faster.
- If you play bigger-or-better for fhe and each team starts out with a penny you could end up with 2 cars.
- Don’t ever trade a potted tree for bread to Canadians who are obsessed with playing croquet because they won’t make it for you and they won’t give your tree back either.

Friday, July 15, 2011

funny things

Yesterday was our two week anniversary! yay! Just some memories of sleep-talkingish things that we think are hilarious at the moment, and will probably forget soon :)

- one night Trevor's phone was making noises and he wasn't doing anything about it, so I started poking him in the back to get him to wake up. When he finally did, I tried to hand him his phone and told him to check it, and that I thought he had a text. He just looked at me like I was crazy. So I tried to tell him again, and insistently held out his phone so he'd understand...at which point he pointed out that my hand was empty and his phone was on the dresser far out of my reach...and I had dreamed the whole thing and woken him up for nothing!

- 2 days ago Trevor rolled over and told me in an almost eureka way, "ooooh, it's in Russian! No wonder I couldn't understand it!" I like him :)

- after our 5-day honeymoon in California, we stayed at my house with my parents and family for a couple days before flying back to our new house. One morning, just a few minutes after waking up, my 8-year old brother burst excitedly and innocently into our room saying, "Hi! Do you guys want any gummy bears?!?!!". When we said no, he said "Ok!" and ran right out just as excitedly. haha I have no clue what that was about, but we laughed for a good while

happy friday!

Well I've been meaning to start a blog for a long time, and I kept thinking of things to post, but now that I actually made one I can't think of any! haha so I'll just start out by saying this template is a little too much pink overkill so I'll probably change it, but in the meantime I like it :)

A little background on the purpose and goals of the blog:
I want to be better about keeping a written record of what's going on my life. Journal writing hasn't been a regular part (or really even any part at all!) of my daily adventures since I was about 14...and since then I've survived high school as a true-blue homeschooler, had my number of siblings increase by 1, started attending community college at the age of 15, performed with guest stars from American Ballet Theater twice, somehow managed to get up early at be at seminary at 5:50 am each weekday morning (followed by college classes, a retail job, a second job as a piano teacher, and up to 25 hours of ballet weekly) throughout many of my later teenage years, moved away from home and across the country to attend Brigham Young University, overcome my intense fear of human cadavers and turned it into a love of the study of the human body, almost claimed a spot on the university performing ballet company, came to a realization that my body could not handle the strain and had to give up my intense love for ballet, found a new joy in ballroom dance, waded through frustration and rejection until I FINALLY made it on the ballroom team in my last semester, watched my circle of friends grow and change over the years, stuck it out through my sciency, mathy, and physicsy struggles and frustrations and graduated with a 3.49 gpa, changed my life goals and ambitions a number of times, gone through the joys and heartaches of several dating experiences, dealt with persistent illness, learned better how to get inspiration and answers to life's questions through prayer and personal revelation (I'm still learning too, of course), and finally, met the man of my dreams, recognized him as that, and was married to him "for time and all eternity" in the Salt Lake Temple, and I am currently starting my 'happily ever after' with him :) Sadly, NONE of this was documented in a journal - or really anywhere other than scattered facebook statuses - so now it's kind of just lost. But just because the stuff I would have written about the shaping and discovering of who I have become is missing, doesn't mean the end product is! So now I'm going to write, and I'm going to be good and diligent at it, and I won't have to have more regrets from not documenting things! Yay!

first post!

YAY!!!!! I've been meaning to start a blog for like forever, and now I finally have!

Considering my love of the color pink, my infatuation with dressing up and anything princess, and the fact that the most common thing I hear people say when describing me is that I'm a hopelessly girly girl, this title seemed quite appropriate :)

...aand now that I finally have this made, it's after 2 am, and I'm too tired to write anything...so I'm going to bed instead :)